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A timeless sophistication - Ecological fashion
Treasure the Past - Enhance the Present 
Thank you for visiting Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris (YLN Paris) website. 
Hope you enjoy the timeless beauty and pleasure in these items.
The products have been expertly manufactured with a premium ecological material, using carefully selected quality textile processed using natural methods: any apparent imperfections are actually unique natural features of the textile and accessories: Hemp, Cotton, Linen, Brocade, Silk... All of our buttons are made from natural shell, horn, corozo, vegetable dyeing colors. 
Each detail and all finishing are guaranteed by high-quality control standards that are the hallmark of a product that is still highly artisanal in terms of attention to detail and manufacturing. 
Unique: Each design is unique and there's a maximum of 2 pieces/size due to the scarcity of material sources and qualified artisans. 
Shopping at Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris (YLN Paris)
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When you shop at YLN Paris, you're shopping pieces from a luxury brand specialized in Outerwear (Jacket, Coat, Trenchcoat, Blazer, “Manteaux”) presented around the globe, expertly curated for you by the YLN Paris team.
We express shipping to over 190 countries worldwide so you'll receive your order before you know it. 
All the products are carefully washed, disinfected and deodorized by our advanced eco-technique before delivering to you, to make sure you completely enjoy the product with great experience. 
    Enjoy your shopping directly from our website:
    Inherited the artisanal treasure from the family since 1928, after almost 90 years of the rise and fall of the family within the historical events, Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris was reshaped in 2016 in Paris, to keep the timeless spirit alive, where the stories of Madame Yvette (our artisan ancestor) have a specific influence on each of our designs.
    The brand is inspired by the fashionableness of the nostalgic revival of a style, the timeless sophistication, also called retro-cool. Our competency is in Outerwear for women, men, and children: jacket, coat, trench-coat, blazer, “manteaux”. Most of the styles are unisex that every gender is fashionable in. Utmostly YLN focuses on the ecological finished products, friendly with your skin and environment while we always keep you in fashion. 
    With warm regards, 
    YLN Paris team 
    References of ecological certificates from our resources: 
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