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Fashion colors winter 2022 - When trendy colors take the throne

Fashion colors winter 2022 - When trendy colors take the throne

Every new season, fashion enthusiasts wonder, "What colors will I wear this season?"
Color trends for this winter will range from Pantone fall winter 2022 to popular street style tones.
New colors like midnight blue, caramel coffee, and samoan yellow are among the most popular winter fashion colors. However, brown and lilac from last year are still popular this winter.
Let's collaborate with Yvette LIBBY to find the perfect color for you this winter.
Blue is unquestionably the most stunning winter color in 2022. Blue colors are often associated with calmness and serenity.
1.1. Midnight blue
This year's standout color is midnight blue. The midnight blue is a dark blue shade that combines blue and black to resemble the depth of the night sky. It elicits feelings of wisdom and enigma.
A gentle, elegant palette will be created by combining midnight blue with white, cream, or beige.
1.2. Ibiza blue
Ibiza blue is a unique shade of blue that will liven up any winter ensemble. This color can be paired with almost any other color and easily adds a nice touch to any outfit.
1.3. Lichen blue
Lichen blue, a nature-inspired color, can evoke feelings of calm and serenity. Elegance, sophistication, and modernity will be created by combining lichen blue with classic silver, beige, and pale peach. Colors such as citrus orange, cherry red, or champagne gold can be combined with this blue for those who enjoy creativity and a splash of color.
1.4. Lazuli blue
Lazuli blue is the most popular blue color for the winter of 2022. This vivid deep blue, also known as ultramarine blue, can give us the same sensation as looking at a starry night sky. Just keep in mind that you cannot wear more than two shades in the same outfit.
White, light grey, black, soft pink, and pastel colors combined with lapis lazuli blue create a subtle, elegant look. Choose an eye-catching color such as orange, yellow, purple, or red.
The neutral colors are so familiar with winter, but the Samoan sun brings a fresh breeze this year. Samoan sun is a cheerful melody of the sun that represents optimism and joy. It will complement any outfit. This shade of yellow adds warmth and is ideal for wearing to winter parties.
Samoan sun goes well with blue, indigo, and lavender. It stands out when paired with black and white, but it can also be softened when paired with gray.
3.1. Soybean cream
If you don't want to wear white in the winter, try soybean cream. It's a warm and delicate blonde beige color. Because neutral colors are easy to combine with other colors, experiment with a variety of color schemes. For an elegant and graceful appearance, combine soybean cream with black, gray, brown, blue, yellow, or white. It can be combined with red, green, cobalt, or pink to attract and stand out.
3.2. Coconut cream
Coconut cream has a soft and fresh pink undertone, which contrasts with warmer white or cream. As lovely as a dream.  
In particular, this color is very suitable when combined with sportswear, Coconut cream both makes your outfit more eye-catching and softens the somewhat "stiff" appearance of sportswear. sports. Ash rose sportwear Yvette cool Wt1 is also one of the featured designs for the sportswear line at Yvette LIBBY.
This winter, coconut cream is becoming increasingly popular. The beauty of this color is that it flatters all skin tones.
Green has been a popular color trend on the catwalks since last year, and it continues to be so.
4.1. Olive
KALE VEDETTE - Yvette LIBBY’s trench coat in olive color
Olive is a classic neutral that is not too bright and has a hint of gray, making it ideal for winter wear.
This shade of green is considered non-seasonal. It is one of the most popular colors because it complements all skin tones. It is also simple to combine with other colors and wear on a daily basis.
4.2. Loden frost
Loden Frost is a sophisticated and classic color with calming and mood-restoring properties.
Don't be concerned about the silver-toned green's lack of brightness; you can pair it with white, black, gray, or brown for a luxurious, elegant look. Even with blue or green to make the outfit more passionate.
Peach caramel is a caramel color with a hint of pink. It has a soft, warm, and romantic tone to it. This color can be combined with the many pastel pinks that are popular in this year's winter color trends.
Add lilac to your wardrobe if you want to add more color to your life.
Lilac is a lovely purple shade that is both romantic and sophisticated. Furthermore, lilac is expected to be popular until the end of 2023. This color complements yellow, beige, and brown tones the best.
Safari night - An intersection of Yvette LIBBY's design when it comes to bringing a mysterious night to a man's back, made of Ecological material - Hemp, providing men with both mystery and comfort.
Brown tones are among the most popular colors for the winter of 2022. This is a color that can be easily combined with a wide range of costume colors.
7.1. Adobe
Adobe is a warm brown to orange color that is ideal for the winter months. This color exudes elegance and luxury, and it never goes out of style. Adobe works well with neutrals and pastels, but it can also be used with lighter colors.
7.2. Caramel coffee
Shirt CHEZ TOI – Beige
Caramel coffee is a delicate light brown color that can be mixed with a variety of other colors. This sweet brown shade will also be the tspring fashion color. For both seasons, you can purchase adobe coats, skirts, and shoes. It's well worth the extra money.
The CHEZ TOI Shirt truly embodies optimal materials: breathability, water vapour permeability, water pressure resistance, and bonding strength - all in a single design that honors comfort.
7.3. Dark oak
This winter, dark oak is one of the most popular colors. It's not the most eye-catching color, but it's far from dull. This dark brown color is trendy, understated, and elegant.
Dark oak can be used in coats and outfits with other neutral colors. Another great combination is dark oak and blue shades, which creates a luxurious and sophisticated effect.
Pantone describes this color as reassuring, trustworthy, calm, and relaxed. This is a great neutral that will add a sophisticated touch to any outfit.
Gray and pastel colors are combined for a timeless elegance. Add colors like red, pink, purple, and green to your ultimate gray outfit to make it stand out and liven it up. Because gray comes in so many different shades, you can easily combine them for a very stylish monochromatic look.
Is it necessary to change our entire wardrobe to match the season's color? In fact, you can simply add trendy colors to accessories such as a bag, scarf, shoes, or jewelry - a pop of color accessory can be the finishing touch to any outfit.
Another tip is to select colors that complement your hair and eyes. You must experiment with different colors to find the one that works best for you.
Be happy with who you are & Dress on by your soul!
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