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Yvette Community

The campaign name: “Be part of Yvette Community
Fashion is also an art of entertainment. Get yourself be entertained from our network of artists. 
From 9/2021, Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris launched a long-term campaign "Yvette Community", started from Paris to worldwide.

The purpose of the campaign is to promote the "hidden talented" artists in Paris and in France nationwide, no matter where they come from.

To support them with some basic means to get their artworks approaching wider audiences, while their real talents should be the strongest messages.

Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris is a slow-fashion brand, and for most, a designer-brand, we could understand and share the same journeys to the wellness of different arts.

Together with "small artists", we believe in growing larger our community, where people appreciate little pretty things in life or just simply would like to be part of it.
 Stay tuned to our regular updates on this chanel. 
(Photo: Behind the scene of Episode 2 shooting - YLN Paris team)
(Photo: And what you see from Media ^_^)
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