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#YvetteForVOGUE - MIỄN PHÍ vận chuyển trên toàn cầu. Không phát sinh bất kì thuế & chi phí nào - Giá bạn thấy là giá cuối cùng. Hotline: +33 6 11 99 93 05. BOUTIQUE: 9 rue Commines, 75003, Paris, France Kính gửi quý khách hàng, trang "" là trang web chính thống và duy nhất của thương hiệu. Nếu quý khách tìm thấy những trang giả mạo tương tự, xin vui lòng báo cho chúng tôi. Xin chân thành cảm ơn và chúc quý khách nhiều niềm vui khi mua sắm!


Giá thông thường €769,00

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Designer swimsuit/ dance-suit from Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris

Your stage is now and here. An outfit for every romantic movement.

Perfect for gymnastic, dance, stage performance, Halloween costume, cosplay, dress up, swimming, workout.

Designer Style ID: YLNSwimsuit004

Colour:  Metallic Shimmers Black (Pantone 20-0200 TPM)

Designed in France - Made in Vietnam


  1. Outer: Refractive vinyl faux leather 4-way stretch spandex dance fabric (Fabric Weight: 7.4 oz (210g) per gsm (m2) / 9.5 oz (270g) per 1 yard)
  2. Lining: 95% Cotton – 5% Spandex with exclusive printed pattern
  3. Buckle: Stainless metal
  4. Decoration: certified natural pearl with golden polished silver hook  


  • 4-way stretch, Metallic Mirrored Iridescence, Reflective, Waterproof, Breathability, Premium quality 
  • Metallic Mirrored Iridescence Leatherette Fabric is made of PU (polyurethane) material, have beautiful mirrored surface just like fairyland. This design has excellent toughness and solid texture. And it is smooth Waterproof surface therefore it is durable to use. Gorgeous reflective mirror surface can reflect under light.
  • This design comes with decoration 10 pieces of our freshwater sourced pearl: unique outer shell color shade with an official gemological x-ray certificate (included). Its solid crystalline nacre creates an incredibly durable pearl that will withstand the tests of time.

Washing instructions: Gentle hand wash only and hang to dry (Do Not Dry Clean)

Packaging: Luxury box, guiding book and price tag to international standard. A great gift idea for family, friends, colleagues and business partners.

Size: Our size chart is European standardization. Tell us anything special about your body size (if any) for an adjustment accordingly, for free of charge, via

swimsuit sizechart - Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris

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