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#YvetteForVOGUE - MIỄN PHÍ phí giao hàng toàn cầu. Chi phí trên website là chi phí chi trả. Hotline: +33 6 11 99 93 05. | Kính gửi quý khách hàng, "" là trang web chính thống và duy nhất của thương hiệu. Nếu quý khách thấy những trang giả mạo tương tự, xin vui lòng báo cho chúng tôi. Xin chân thành cảm ơn & chúc quý khách nhiều niềm vui với sản phẩm YLN.

Yvette Couture - 5

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Couture dress for one of our beautiful clients in Paris, France. 

Made-to-measure in the purest Haute-couture tradition:

  • Lib (our head designer) first initiates a dialogue with you.
  • After researching various styles and materials, she draws a sketch of the piece they (you and Lib) both designed. Then our pattern-makers create the pattern based on your measurements.
  • Next, our head seamstress assembles the dress with a temporary fabric, as a draft piece. After a first fitting, the dress is made in its permanent designated fabric. A made to measure garment takes one or two months to be made and requires two to three fittings.

Eco-fashion: Together in a spirit of environmental responsibility, all our partners have labels and certified norms as OEKO-TEX and IAF, in the field of quality assurance, protection & compliance with environmental standards.

Giving Spirit: Involved and responsible, we commit to non-profit organizations to return participation of the sale to help our planet greener and to support people in the world.

Details-orientation: All orders from our store online and from our private sales are carefully packaged in a branded box. A chic and original concept to bring daily perfection to retro-cool fashion lovers. 


Designer Style ID: YLNCouture005

Colour: Bright White (Pantone 11-0601 TCX)

Designed in France - Made in Vietnam


  1. Outer: natural premium Chiffon 
  2. Lining: natural premium Chiffon 

Washing instructions: Dry clean only 

Packaging: Luxury box, guiding book. 

Size: Our size chart is made for your personalized measurement.  

The whole team YLN Paris is naturally at your disposal by appointment only. Travel in Paris and the Paris Region. For delivery abroad, please contact us.

From Tuesday to Sunday: 10:30 AM - 19:30 PM 
Phone & Whatsapp : +33 6 69 50 63 71 

Boutique address: 9 rue Commines, 75003, Paris, France 

For distance clients, please send an Email to us: 

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