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May 4, 2023

Spring/Summer '23 color trends: Get ready to slay in the hottest colors of the season

At Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris, designs are everlastingly honored in the most meticulous way not only every creative idea but also sui generis color schemes. Color has a meaning of its own, and the colors of each design also present the story hidden in each of our creations. Pantone Color Institute, Spring/Summer 2023, published for the fashion industry Color Palette includes the top ten standout colors, as well as soft pastels and bright accents, as well as 5 neutral hues. Which of these beautiful colors best suits you, bringing your life and spirit into balance? If you're wondering about harmonious-colors in life, the suggestions below should help.

Feb 6, 2023

Genderless fashion for children: Should or not?

For a very long time, genderless fashion has been praised for its elegance and significance in the fashion  industry....

Jan 16, 2023

Making your old coats and jackets look brand new

Are you an enthusiast à-la-mode who strives to look fashionable every time you leave the house? However, constantly r...

Dec 12, 2022

Metallic Fate - Can Humans Hold Destiny?

Yvette LIBBY keeps laying the groundwork for our big dreams by releasing designs inspired by the classic novel "The Godfather." 30 tailor-made pieces with subtle styling changes for Men, Women, and Unisex represent how the characters in this novel deal with the situations that fate has thrown at them.

Dec 8, 2022

Sustainable fabrics for clothing: Lãnh Mỹ A - The queen of silk

Silk Lãnh Mỹ A comes from Tân Châu silk village in An Giang province, Vietnam, and is known as the silk queen of Vie...

Nov 27, 2022

Fashion colors winter 2022 - When trendy colors take the throne

Every new season, fashion enthusiasts wonder, "What colors will I wear this season?" Color trends for this winter wil...

Nov 14, 2022

Fall coats & jackets: Find fashion inspiration in literary works

The most important thing for fashion designers is to find inspiration. They can get ideas from a variety of sources, ...

Oct 27, 2022

Find the perfect outfit - which style was born for you?

A person's style is the manner in which they express themselves. Your fashion sense reflects your personality, as wel...

Oct 16, 2022

Purple tailored trench coat - A sprig of heather

Trench coat ensembles have recently dominated fashion catwalks around the world. We're all aware of the appeal of the...

Sep 24, 2022

Sustainable fashion tips - to make your sustainable clothes more “sustainable”

When environmental issues are a hot topic in the press, fashionistas are also increasingly shifting their attention f...

Sep 10, 2022

Fall trench coat and the magic of cottagecore style

Countrycore, often referred to as cottagecore, is a fashion trend that draws its inspiration from simple, endearing, ...

Aug 29, 2022


Many brands have recently heavily promoted kid's fashion lines, resulting in a diverse selection of not only clothes ...
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