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For some reason, I was always haunted by two verses in the "Chinh phụ ngâm" (“Lament of the soldier’s wife”) is a poem in classical Chinese written by the Vietnamese author Dang Tran Con (1710-1745). 
“On eastern hills I see but leaves and leaves. 
A pheasant flaps its wings, plum branches dance. 
Thick mists like billows surge above the woods 
A wind-blown bird, astray, gives piteous cries.” 
(English text by Huynh Sanh Thong) 
Thanks to my obsession, I found the meaning of the word “astray” in the dictionary, it is a state of helplessness, without support, into morally questionable behavior, due to being separated from relatives and fellow humans. 
In humans, “astray” has an additional aspect of the soul, although superficially they live in a community and have material fulfillment.  


Such people are included in the story of “The Trench Coat”. 
Francois - people thought he had everything but turned out to be nothing - goes astray in his own mansion and his illustrious career. 
Emmanuelle - the young lady was born into a lavish family, but going astray on the journey to find her own happiness. 
Anna - a talented one in her career and life purpose, went astray by the haunting idolism from a person of great influence throughout her life. 
N’guyen - who has the will and soul but going astray in the age, leading himself to turn into many paths, each path turning away from the ideal of his youth. 
Cathérine, Alex, Séverine are beautiful icons going astray in their own love, romance and loneliness. 
And finally, Yvette has gone astray by all of the above, or for what, each reader will give his own answer.


"The trench coat” takes us back to the old context of France society, where the protagonist - Yvette was born and her journey to find out herself began. When she was at the blooming time of juvenescence, the tragedy came.
Follow Yvette's journey, we may find out the answer from different angles of: 
- Racism is one of the societal concerns, whether it has become a major problem internally in a multi-ethnic family as well?
- Will working relationships create a family connection? And would it make an impact on career and living idealism? 
- Homosexual love is beautiful and intense, does it include a delusion and tradeoff?
- The deceased can revive?
Each message is subtly conveyed into the situations Yvette experienced. Probably, we might realize life messages which we unintentionally forgot due to the hectic pace of life. 

All are revealed in the series “The Trench Coat”

💥  Episode 1 is available to order now.  
🌏  Book is published with three language versions: English, Vietnamese and French.
🎁  Gift boxes and postcards are included in every order that you could deliver your personal messages to your beloved ones. 

* Love while there is still time. Tell your beloved ones that you care!

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