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“It drives me crazy when going to the toilet with a Jumpsuit.” 

Take it easy, my dear besties!

Let’s start with our daily lifestyle. A good morning full of energy, taking a favorite Jumpsuit and going out with your friends. It’s really a good choice because there is no wasting time to mix and match. We know you, girl. Spending much more time on trying your choices and feeling exhausted. Right? Just pick a jumpsuit and meet your friends on time. 

Your day is still pink until you gotta pee. 

Speaking of Jumpsuit. There are many types with some difference at zips, buttons, zip placements, level of fabric stretchability. Take YLN Jumpsuit collection for your reference here:  

How can we manage in a claustrophobic toilet room with one piece clothing?  

Jumpsuit is toilet accessible when you get the right way. 

Don’t take off the above part of the jumpsuit and let it fall free on the ground like you leave your  weapon and surrender. It’s not exaggerated when using metaphorical expressions like that. Our outfit is our weapon, especially these days. 

Are you so confident with a nice outfit? Toilet floor, toilet hole with water will turn our day into a gloomy day when any part of the jumpsuit is dirty. 

Pull delicately zip down until you can take off the jumpsuit easily. Pull up both ends of one-piece and keep them under our knee as long as we can sit on the toilet bowl easily. Keeping  your “weapon” in good condition helps you be more confident in order to face many other troubles in life. 

In case of shoes permitting, we can be naked and drape your jumpsuit over the door. Being naked is incredible to avoid. Just let ourselves free in a personal space just a while.  

Finally, let’s get back to our friends in a good mood with a perfect jumpsuit and enjoy a great day with our small tips. 

Thanks for your reading. Hopefully, we can help you get rid of hesitation in choosing your favorite Jumpsuit. 

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Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris Team 

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