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THE FW 21/22

THE FW 21/22

Strongly inspired by “Zen and the art of Poker” - written by Larry W. Phillips, Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris captivates the two living manifestos - Zen and Poker, infusing the inner beauty of philosophy and classic spirit with the visual pleasure of fashion, via the 21-22 Fall/ Winter Collection: POKEROLOGY.

This collection comes out as a firm statement of the Game of Life, as Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris has re-conceptualized outerwear outfits like jacket, blazer, coat, trench,... as something suitable for practical daily life. Shine through the compilation, the Las Vegas 1950s’ funky jazz opens up the theme: where beautiful ladies with feminine looks - yet “avant-garde” manner is vividly pictured. This beauty of inspiration rings a nostalgia note, then excites us to treasure the “Golden Age” even in modern living. 
The Pokerology proclaims the inspiration through a collection of 30 designs, each comes along with a Poker strategy quote, sending out powerful messages to share our view on “Living the game, deal with what’s dealt” spirit. 
Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris always treasures the past with the inspiration of living in the present. As of this collection, we’ve tried our best to infuse the high-tech eco-friendly materials with the dedicated artisanal quality. 
  • Environmental friendly materials: from sophisticated combinations of goose down, recycled leather, cotton mélange, silk, cord-du-roy, velvet, hemp,... to buttons made from natural shells/ horn with refined laser cut (each button’s pattern is one-of-a-kind different as mother nature offers) 
  • Special materials: premium-grade Faux Fur as an ethical alternative for real fur, pleasing both fashion and animal lovers. 
  • High-tech functional fabric: accepted the challenge to bring high-techno into high-fashion collection, our designs have expertly manufactured with 100% Poly 50D ELASTIC Fabric + White Polyurethane Membrane + 20D Interlock (exclusively printed).
    • Breathability
    • Water Vapour Permeability
    • Water Pressure Resistance
    • Bonding strength
    • ISO5077-1984/ISO6330-2000. 
The dedicated craftsmanship allows higher durability, turning each design into a unique charming note to complete a spectacular timeless fashion anthem. 


The Outstanding Cuts: A combination of sharp “corset” cuts to honor the feminine curves and the freedom of the waist to recall the significant timeless unisex in our brand’s DNA.

The Sweet & Bold Colors: Enough said about this collection: from Flamingo pink, Emerald Blue, Meringue White to Burnt Henna, Bitter Chocolate and sexy Black. The colour harmony ignites the independent, wild yet elegant essence. 

The Embroidery and the wow Graphic: The high-level art in embroidery craftsmanship with the silhouette of “the Queen” (Q card) creates the signature detail that trademarks the spirit for the whole collection. The re-stylized Queen captures both feminism and the beauty of unisex - as we cherish the future of gender-fluid (much as we expecting Royal Flush on our hand). 

Started from just hand-sketches to graphic design, the outshone - beyond imagination recalls the divine atmosphere of 1950s’ Las Vegas casino - where “the cool” meets “haute-couture”. 
Complementary finish: Every Pokerology look should stun its daily runway with the presence of a bâton & a pair of sabot.
  • Bâton Poker: the classic and polished aid that emphasizes each elegant movement.
  • Sabot Poker: the exquisite foot vogue with a Japanese - European noble fusion that highlights the bold steps on day-to-day red carpet. 

The Exceptional look: Each look is unique as an artwork we could either wear daily or keep as a beautiful memory. 

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