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Fashion tips: How to make highlights in white with Yvette LIBBY?

Fashion tips: How to make highlights in white with Yvette LIBBY?

White outfits are almost a popular choice among fashionistas. Also, because white is a neutral color, it flatters all body shapes and skin tones while emphasizing the wearer's unique beauty. Furthermore, the white designs are extremely "easy to match" with any other fashion accessories to create the "perfect couple”. To be so shining and not monotonous in white designs, Yvette LIBBY, as a fashion house, will share some tips for dressing well in white.
There are many meanings and associations in white colour. It symbolizes are associated with innocence, purity, cleanliness, peacefulness, and perfection. White also symbolizes freshness and hope. In many cultures, white represents righteousness and wisdom.
white manteaux
In any time white is always in fashion. You can also wear white during the entire year, including winter. You can wear an all-white outfit, or you can mix white with any colour imaginable. Once you know the basics for wearing white, your outfit choices are limitless.
The color white inspires confidence, strength, and faith in oneself. Wear white if you want to make a good impression at an interview or if you have an important meeting. It allows you to project the image of a professional, sophisticated, elegant, and formal person. White is also ideal if you want to appear pure and youthful. It's a strong ensemble that can be worn on a daily basis.
white dress
White also brings a sense of balance. When combined with other colours, it enhances an outfit’s vibrance.
White is a colour that coordinates with all other colours and is a great canvas for accessories of all types. You can pair white with neutral colours like beige, greys, and browns. Pastels and white are a combination with an elegant look. Many bright colours pair up well with white, such as yellow, emerald green, turquoise and coral.
There are variations of white, from the purest whites to off-white, vanilla, eggshell, magnolia, ivory. Off-white shades aren’t as pure as true white is. (So these variations no longer hold the same meaning white does.) Even though white works with every colour, not all shades of white will match or look good together. For example, do not combine any eggshell and pure white colour combos. When you want to go for an all-white look, choose whites with different textures on white. The different materials will help each piece look distinct, and to keep an all-white ensemble interesting.
white clothes
You can add a touch of other colours with accessories or embellishments to white outfit. Bright details making you look less boring and unimaginative. Try colourful accessories such as belts, silk scarves, necklaces, earrings, brooches, watches or handbags. Choose brighter colours if you’d like a bold look; and pairing white with pastel colours if you’d like something subtle.
You can make a plain white dress look more chic by pairing it with red belt.  
Choose metallic accessories for a subtle variation. Silver colour will make your ensemble more modern, while gold colour will give it a warmer look. Add some neutral colours to an all-white outfit, they to keep the monochromatic look. For example, if you wear a white skirt and shirt, go for nude or silver coloured shoes.
Pair whites with darker colours, especially during the winter and fall.
Layer white with other colours to keep your outfit looking interesting. For example, you could try white jeans with a white shirt and a navy jacket.
white desgins
But there are some disadvantages to white colour. If you are not careful you can end up looking too perfect, coldness or loneliness. So you should add another colour to your all-white outfit, for example, wearing coloured shoes.
Because of white is tendency to be see-through, avoid pants with pockets, always wear skin-toned undergarments when wearing white. You should wear lingerie that matches your skin colour. Even if you are wearing skin-toned underwear and bras, wear a slip or camisole under transparent whites. If you like to use perfume, apply it before putting whites on to avoid staining. A yellowed, dirty white will detract from your outfit. And don’t wear whites that are too tight.
The only time that white is not right is to a wedding where you know that the bride is wearing white. It’s the bride’s day and she wants to stand out, it is appropriate if you do not wear white.
YLN Paris team
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