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The word ‘gilet’ is often used interchangeably with ‘bodywarmer’, though technically these two garments are slightly different. While both a very similar shape and style, a body warmer is typically thicker and more insulating, whereas a traditional gilet is much more lightweight in design and can usually be worn beneath a jacket as a mid-layer. 
A gilet is essentially a lightweight sleeveless jacket that resembles a waistcoat or sleeveless blouse. 
Most gilets are waist-length, though knee-length styles do exist, and are typically straight-sided as opposed to fitted in style, though fitted designs do exist. Initially worn as a decorative vest in 19th Century France, the gilet has now become much more commonly associated with outerwear and layering fashion, very popular with farmers and those who enjoy outdoor pursuits
Gilets tend to come in a variety of styles including quilted, fleece, fur, down-filled and padded (the last three creating a thicker, bodywarmer-like style). The style you choose would depend on what you need from your gilet, whether it’s more for practical warmth or fashion-focused style. We recommend 2 top tips to wear a gilet:
1/ Wear as a puffy style (Padded outerwear gilets)
2/ Wear as a layerable style (Lightweight gilets)
To meet above 2 styles of dressing, Gilet by Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris is proudly made of Silk lining that makes you warm (but not too warm) thanks to the breathable silky function. The super lightness of natural Goose-down padded as a combination, complete this design to be more comfortable than ever. 
Details are oriented at laser cut snapped buttons and Hoodies are removable with every design. 
This creation is an excellent add-in to Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris outerwear collections: You can either wear the Gilet alone, or as a "liner" to your beloved overcoat. 
Ready for Gilet shopping?
Oh sorry we forgot to tell you how to pronounce "Gilet" in a super cool way, try these out:
1/ US = "juh-let
2/ France = "ji-lè"
Cool enough? 


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