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Kimono blazers - Their attractiveness

Kimono blazers - Their attractiveness

Kimono styles have appeared in Japan since the 18th century and quickly became a symbol of this land of the rising sun. It can be said that Kimono is a symbol of unisex beauty, these kimonos when worn by both men and women exude an impressive beauty, men are strong and liberal and women are gentle and feminine.

Now westernized into the kimono blazer, and designers have used different fabrics to create excellent styles of kimono. The kimono blazers have many variations in designs, materials, and textures.

The kimono blazers are the perfect piece for every fashion lover's wardrobe, as you can comfortably match a variety of styles: from retro outfits to contemporary ones.

In particular, these innovative Kimono blazers can be combined with many accessories and clothes that you own.
Kimono blazers combined with long skirts bring a lovely beauty:

A Kimono blazer can become a great addition to the most basic outfit – for example, with a white blouse and trousers:

Or a brightly colored Kimono blazer will be a breakthrough to create accents for you to become the focus of all eyes:

No longer simply a cultural symbol in the land of the East, Kimono today has put on a new look that is more diverse and trendy but still retains a traditional beauty. Kimono blazers have gradually become a familiar choice of fashionistas who are looking to create a new style, because of the miraculous suitability of this shirt with countless everyday outfits.

Yvette LIBBY Kimono blazers made headlines at Fashion United. Learn more about how to wear Kimono blazers at:

Read more about Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris on the brandpage:

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