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Metallic Fate & Journey to continue writing passions at Paris Fashion Week 2023

Metallic Fate & Journey to continue writing passions at Paris Fashion Week 2023

The previous FW 23/24 season provided an opportunity for designers to showcase their creations on famous catwalks around the world and captivate many fashion à-la-mode. One collection after another, the brands' creativity truly stirs the fashion industry, and our stirs are impossible not to mention one of the fashion capitals - Paris - and the most anticipated event, Paris Fashion Week 2023.
A new stage - A new challenge and opportunity
Following the successful premiere at New York Fashion Week 2023 on February 12, Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris will bring our works to the upcoming Paris Fashion Week 2023 coming on over here.
If you are one of our followers, you will recall that this is not the first time Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris has attended this cultivated fashion event. However, that does not diminish the significance of this event for us; each time we walk the catwalk, Yvette LIBBY is able to bring our story closer to our clients. And this time, with our own experience from high-class retro fashion events, along with a progressive and creative spirit, we promise to make our own mark at PFW 2023, so that the designs continue to tell their own stories.
About Paris Fashion Week 2023
PARIS FASHION WEEK FW23 BY STOW is a platform for emerging and greatest designers to showcase their recent creations, producing next-generation runway showcases in the world’s fashion capitals to expose their global brand presence worldwide. The event features spectacular performances by the world's most innovative fashion houses, who will create fashion trends.
Metallic Fate - LAWYER
Metallic Fate - TERESA
Metallic Fate - TOM HAGEN
Bringing together supermodels from more than 50 countries, PFW 2023 is both artistic and  popular and it will be watched by or from more than 164 countries. Another unique feature is that the event this year is expected to use augmented reality technology to create "unique" experiences for the audience.
Metallic Fate - The symbol of a beauty who defies conventional beauty standards.
Metallic Fate - REVENGE
Inspired by the immortal novel trilogy "The Godfather" about the hidden underworld - where the "mafia" from Italy live in the United States. The story is a collection of different characters' lives; it does not instruct the reader on what is right and wrong in life principles, but rather depicts how a person behaves at a milestone in life. There are people who appear rude and violent but make emotional decisions, and there are others who are antagonist and polite but extremely cruel. How should a person choose when they are at a milestone in life? The answer is: there is no such thing as a universal standard…
Metallic Fate - DIFFERENT
That is also the message of "Metallic Fate": to be free, flexible, nostalgic, and unconventional. Each of us will make our own decisions, and how each design in this collection expresses its beauty is also up to each individual's aesthetic judgement.
When you see its "soul," you feel your own story in that design, so these designs will be truly "beautiful" to each individual. Let's take a look at some "Metallic Fate" sketches:
Metallic Fate - VIRTUEMetallic Fate - PROMISE
Metallic Fate - FORTUNE
Metallic Fate - CUIRASS
Metallic Fate - WEALTHY
If you want to see and feel these designs firsthand, take part in Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris’s nostalgic appearance at Paris Runway Fashion Show on Monday, February 27, 2023 at Salle Wagram - Eurosites Group 39-41 Avenue de Wagram 75017 Paris, France.
YLNP team
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