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SS 19/20

SS 19/20


The secret to achieve timeless style: This collection is made up of classic,
essential pieces, that never look dated or go out of trend. They are universally
flattering, comfortable and safe, and make amazing investments.
Each of design is inspired from the nostalgic feeling, a β€œdΓ©ja-vu” from movies
to real life.

The materials are environmental friendly from sophisticated combinations of
goose down, cotton mΓ©lange, hemp, silk, cord-du-roy, velvet, … with buttons
from natural shells, horns which each button pattern is different from each
other since mother nature has offered.

That makes each item in this collection is durable in quality and each design
is an important note to complete this unique timeless music sheet of fashion.
Some designs are unisex and look great on Men and Women alike.

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