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Book THE TRENCH COAT - EP.1 (English version)

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“Everyone in the world should have  a trench coat, and there should be a trench coat for everyone in the world. It does not matter your age, it doesn’t matter your gender”.
- Angela Ahrendts -

It can be said that the trench coat is a gender-neutral costume. A coat for multi-playing: in addition to the function of keeping warm, it also shows the lifestyle of the wearer. The outerwear is like the “cover” of each person, it shields the interior, but also shows a part of that inner.

Inspired by the true story of her great- grandmother, Madame Yvette (who has two French-Vietnamese bloodlines), the author would like to partially recreate the story of the family in the past. This is an endless source of inspiration and motivation for her to inherit and promote Asian - European interplay in the creations. With “The Trench Coat”, the author hopes to inspire and seek harmony from the young souls; At the same time, it will become a bridge to connect the generations Past - Present, Now - Then. The author also hopes that this story is like a memorable Valse dance reminiscent of an astray generation in society.

According to the author, nostalgia is not trying to cling to the past or seek relief from fantasy. It is merely a journey into the past to see the strength and inner power. From there, we will gently take steps in life without stress. Looking at history, what’s left is the sum of the most natural things, like the way people are born, live and mature in their own way, not “Green bananas are pressed for quick ripening”.

The story would continue to be written, by the author or by the reader. 

Let’s follow the footsteps of Yvette - a hybrid girl with black hair and blue eyes.

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