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Is it a #FreezeDance, #Tag, #Catch, #Marbles, #Jump or #TicTacToe, and more?

We didn’t get to choose the childhood we were given, but we can choose what to do with the stuff of our childhood memories.

Childhood memory refers to memories formed during childhood. Among its other roles, memory functions to guide present behaviour and to predict future outcomes.

The new Kids collection from timeless Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris would remind us about the pleasure from this unique journey: being a Kid and experience the Childhood.


And what we could develop more from these stunning items:

  1. Sharing relationships: A range of loving actions by those close to kids, including making sacrifices, being supportive, and spending time together. For example, “I admire my mother, who sent her only child abroad, because she wanted a better life for me.”
  1. Playing to heal: Sports as being fun, a way to form close relationships, and offering lessons as to how to resolve conflict, make decisions, and prioritize. Using their imagination and playing outdoors in tune with nature and animals also encouraged positive mental health.
  1. Strength and fragility: Both strength and fragility translated into life lessons in adulthood - feeling strong, healthy, and able to set boundaries. 

By contrast, traumatic experiences stayed with people over the course of their lives and impacted them as adults. Experiences such as being left in a hospital as a child or being neglected by their parents could give rise to separation anxiety as an adult in situations like moving away from home or breaking up. Other negative experiences that they managed to turn into something positive, such as how illness or a lack of recognition heightened their empathy, extroversion, and understanding of others and themselves.

  1. Supporting the next generation: How positive and negative experiences from their childhood had become useful life lessons, and could be parlayed into their own role as a parent, tending to other children, or in their work with children.

On the positive side, they prioritized time with their family and were teaching their children that people are different and the importance of compromise. Yet they also felt that curiosity or following their own paths was vital, and were passing on these values to their children.

The message from each item is clearly made via each design, with the pleasure and value to our current Kids and our passed Childhood.

YLN Paris team

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