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NOSTALGIC can give us a boost

NOSTALGIC can give us a boost

Living in the past isn't a good thing, but feeling a little nostalgic can give you a boost. 

In a culture focused on progress and futuristic aspirations, why would anyone want to spend time wallowing in nostalgic reverie?  

In a time of rapid social and technological change, nostalgia motivates the rehearsal of past experiences that can remind us of our authentic self.  In the midst of a kaleidoscope of social and personal transformation, nostalgic reminiscence grounds us with the reminder of the one constant - we are the source of our thoughts, actions, and feelings across time and change.  By maintaining a relationship with old parts of our self, we can measure our development and sustain a sense of continuity. 

How does rehearsing our past help us cope with the present?  Research has suggested that our childhood experiences form a foundation for learning how to cope with stress and challenging situations.  As children we watched our parents budget finances during less prosperous times, help others less fortunate, or care for elderly relatives or friends in need. 

Healthy relationships during childhood foster the trust necessary to disclose our confidences and ask for advice and assistance.  Having been nurtured, we know how to nurture. 

Having suffered and survived difficult events, we have the courage and confidence to persist and overcome adversity.  Solitude during childhood, enjoying peaceful times at the lake or biking along a nature trail, taught us to reflect, plan, and evaluate before acting, to appreciate the meaning of our experiences, and to discover who we are and would like to be. 

Inherited the artisanal treasure from the family since 1928, after almost 90 years of the rise and fall of the family within the historical events, Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris was reshaped in 2016 in Paris, to keep the timeless spirit alive, where the stories of Madame Yvette (great grandmom) have a specific influence on each of the brand’s designs.

The brand is inspired by the fashionableness of the nostalgic revival of a style, the timeless sophistication, also called retro-cool. Their competency is in Outerwear for women, men, and children: jacket, coat, trench-coat, blazer, “manteaux”. Most of the styles are unisex that every gender is fashionable in. Utmostly YLN focuses on the ecological finished products, friendly with your skin and environment while they always keep you in fashion. 

Nostalgic reverie is not just an attempt to live in the past or a search for solace in fantasy.  It is a visit to our past to find strength and insights that will help us overcome adversity and forge ahead.


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