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Once upon a time, eco-fashion was perceived as practical, yet dull and boring – characterized by shapeless designs and scratchy, unattractive fabric.

Thanks to the creative vision of up-and-coming designers, eco-fashion is now perceived as a hot, rising trend.

The fashion industry has a clear opportunity to act differently, pursuing profit and growth while also creating new value for society and therefore for the world economy. It comes with an urgent need to place environmental, social, and ethical improvements on management’s agenda. 

The goal of sustainable fashion is to increase the value of local production and products, to prolong the lifecycle of materials, to increase the value of timeless garments, to reduce the amount of waste, and to reduce the harm to the environment. It aims to educate people to practice environmentally friendly consumption by promoting the "green consumer".

More specifically, eco-fashion encompasses: 

  • Clothes made from recycled textiles, including creative use of materials such as recycled plastic.
  • Clothes designed to be more durable so they last longer.
  • Clothes made without the use of certain harmful chemicals, dyes or bleaches.
  • Clothes made under conditions where workers are treated fairly and paid a fair wage for their efforts. Eco-fashion incorporates some human rights elements, specifically how workers are treated who make the clothing.

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