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The raincoat could be worn as a separate jacket on rainy or snowy days. If there is an extra warmth layer inside, you could also wear it on cold days. The "RHYTHM OF THE RAIN" Collection by Yvette LIBBY features a textured transparent TPU outer layer and a stylish mesh lining. 
 This unique collection of raincoats can be: found:
Let's take a look at the recommended treatments below to keep your raincoat in good condition at all times:
Because there are many tiny dust particles in the air, they easily adhere to the TPU film, causing cloudiness and decreasing the shirt's transparency over time. This is an unavoidable occurrence. To maintain the transparency of the raincoat, clean it on a regular basis with alcohol spray or hot steam, then wipe it with an absorbent towel.
  • Alcoholic spray treatment

If you need to use your raincoat right away, you can treat it with alcohol liquid spray. Use an absorbent cloth to wipe away the dusty layer of clothing after spraying it with alcohol. The cloudy layer is no longer visible. However, the shine of TPU film will be less effective than if hot steam is used.
It is recommended to clean the product with 70-degree alcohol spray because it has antiseptic properties and a slow evaporation time, allowing you to clean dirt as well as disinfect clothes.
  • Application of hot steam

Spread the raincoat on a flat surface and spray it with hot steam from a handheld steam iron, wiping with a soft cloth after each spray if you have more time. Hot temperatures will loosen the bonds of stubborn dust and plaque particles, making cleaning easier and allowing the raincoat to become shiny and transparent again.
Video for reference:  
Note: Hot steam (100 degrees Celsius) should not be sprayed from a close distance or for an extended period of time, as the high temperature will affect the heat resistance of the raincoat and may cause deformation. Spray hot steam on each small area of the raincoat and wipe it down to the entire coat.
To avoid the risk of direct contact with the TPU film causing deformation, use a hand-held steam iron rather than a flat-type steam iron.
flat garment iron & handheld garment steamer
A properly pampered piece of fashion will last as long as you do and be as beautiful as your own personal style.
Enjoy your Yvette LIBBY’s raincoat! 
Thank you and best wishes,
YLN Paris Team
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