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Maximize your storage like a smooth Saxophone symphony
If our previous launched Sacoche YVETTE 12.5 is a “big-bang” in your daily red carpet life, MAX SAX bag is a “big-BUZZ” for any souls of  “Carry your home along”!
The bag is an indispensable item for any wardrobe. According to the fashion development, not only being used as a tool containing stuff inside, the bag becomes an iconic fashion accessory among fashion lovers, not only male but also female. Have you ever felt in love and longed for owning some bags advertised in popular fashion magazines?  
In the fashion market, it’s not hard to pick a bag for a certain purpose and we usually choose a bag for a really specific purpose. Backpack for school days, luggage for long-haul flights, twinkle clutch for a wedding party,.. etc
Max Sax - Paris designer tote bag for everyday fashion runway
Joining to fashion lover community, Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris brings a completely unique retro bag – Max Sax which serves many realistic concepts: schoolbag, beach-trip bag, handbag, or just a bag, all in one! For those who love retro style, Max Sax from Yvette LIBBY is your destiny. Confirming the retro spirit, Max Sax is designed in the classic shape of popular bags in the past with 5 bold colors emphasizing retro vibe. Besides using high-technology applied in fabric to turn Max Sax into the “Old but Gold” bag.
Take a minute to explore what Max Sax captivates your eyes and your mind.
Inspired by retro spirit, Yvette LIBBY convey this vibe into each item, and Max Sax is not an exception. Inspired by the classic shape of bags in the past, simple arrangement with one large compartment and a hidden super-slim pocket, as the way we treasure the past.  
A large storage compartment, which can be adjusted and maximized by locking buttons from 2 sides. So easy to customize the shape of the bag to match the volume of the contents. And get ready with what you want for the amazing day’s out trip! 
Max Sax handbag - classy elegance design
What’s more, Yvette LIBBY's bold color features displayed on this high-tech fabric combined with gold-plated stainless metal zipper manifest timeless sophistication, cherishing the old souls while modernizing today’s life pave.
In garment Industry, goose down and the goose feather have been distinguished clearly.
Goose down is the soft undercoating of geese and ducks. It consists of clusters of light, fluffy filaments growing from a central quill point. A single-down cluster is three-dimensional and looks similar to a dandelion pod.
Feathers are the plumage or outer growth, forming the contour and external covering of birds. Feathers are generally characterized as two-dimensional, with a hard quill shaft running from one end to the other with a series of fibers extending to each side. 
goosedown & goosefeather
Down is more expensive than feathers. Due to its luxurious feel, excellent resilient and insulating properties. Furthermore, each bird yields less down than it does feather.
Discover more about goosedown: 
The goose-down padding is tufted underneath the tech fabric with hand-sewn crisscrossing grooves for a soft touch and an eye-catching shape for your bag. As a result, Max Sax becomes more sturdy and softer. That is the reason why Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris choose the premium material as goose down for this design - Max Sax bag.
For animal lovers, our goose down source is ethical which farmers usually harvest goose down after the birds are slaughtered for meat.
A sophisticated combination of high-tech multifunctional fabric (extremely light with 108 gsm) and 100% natural goose down, which will please both fashion and environment lovers. 
  • Outer: high-tech fabric, water resistant
  • Pads: 100% natural Goose-down 
  • Handle: recycle leather 
  • Zipper, Snap: stainless Metal, golden polished effect, laser cut  

high tech fabric from Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris

This eco-tech fabric has 3 layers:
- 1st layer: 50D Elastic fabric - Protects textile and fabric surfaces from stain and water.
- 2nd layer: White Polyurethane Membrane – or breathable membrane, is water resistant but vapour permeable. The membrane is located on the cold side of the insulation and prevents moisture (as well as snow, wind, and contaminants such as dust) that may have been driven through the external cladding, from penetrating further into the structure.
- 3rd layer: 20D Interlock - Feels soft and smooth on the skin - can be worn for extended periods and will remain comfortable. No form changed and no shrinkage after repeated cleaning. Can be used for a long time. 
With our unique technology usage of material and exclusive printed pattern, the Max Sax bag is water-proof and breathable, natural sun protection, easy-to-care, long-lasting, and definitely in style.
Max Sax bag pleases you under any circumstance from working to entertaining activities.
  • Sunshine Sandy Beach
Ending the tedious-day series at home, Sunbath at a sandy beach is an ideal summer day. Just do it! A bathrobe, a bikini, a pair of beach sandals, a towel, and a lotion set are all possible in Max Sax. Smaller personal items are placed inside the bag, making sure they are not dropped elsewhere. Wait, may you forget “your home”? Yeah, put them all in!
Max Sax - beach bag
Let’s take some photos with Max Sax besides, It might be a trendy photo on your Instagram. 
  • Active School day
For those who are still in university/ college. Juvenile becomes more remarkable when you can express who you are and speak your inner voice. Defining yourself could start with fashion. Which fashionable pieces you choose can show a little conner about yourself. Not only a bag, Max Sax but also is your lovely buddy in school. Whilst keeping your items (notebook, Ipad, bottles, glasses, wallet, smartphone...)  safely inside, your friend brings you a unique fashion trend – Retro chic.  Express your fashion taste in school, why not?
Another point, it’s great when we have retro spirit in common. 
Max Sax - a bag for school day
  • Energetic Working day
A functional bag with a big compartment for your laptop & documents will be a trustful & indispensable assistant for any working day. Max Sax has a large space enough to store all your essentials in one place. Moreover, natural goose-down has been quilted to consolidate Max Sax and let you have a soft-touch experience. Don’t forget that you are owing a fashionable item, too. Being confident in Max Sax and you know, your every step is a moment of the fashionable pose. Straight forehead and go forward with a full-battery working day!  
Max sax - tote bag for working day
  • Hanging out
After intensive working hours, Max Sax is still next to you to complete the rest of your daily tasks. Mas Sax seems like “Fat” but it won’t make you fatigue because of super light material. From a coffee shop to a fancy restaurant won’t be a difficult challenge. A stylish and functional accessory beside as Max Sax, should you take advantages of it? 
Max Sax - a travel bag
Tell us what are you gonna wear Max Sax for?  Share with us by commenting below in this post or follow our fanpage, youtube to get more useful information.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Ecology is our top priority to mention about. This year has been a challenging year for so many people, but this challenge also gives us a chance to make real change to how we live our lives and treat the planet. One thing we as the fashion brand Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris can change is to create fashion artwork as a voice to be heard for a greener, healthier and safer future lifestyle.  
Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris
Hotline: + 33 6 69 50 63 71
Boutique: 9 rue Commines, 75003, Paris, France
Website (find your language):
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