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Goose-down in fashion

Goose-down in fashion

Today, let's learn more about this "useful" material in the garment industry with Yvette LIBBY.

1. The Origin

Have you ever wondered about the difference between "down" and "feathers"? The answer lies right here.

Both Down and Feather refer to a type of feather of waterfowl such as swans, geese, swans, ducks.

The difference is that the Feathers are the outer covering of the birds which make them can fly whereas Down fibers lie beneath the protective Feather covering of the bird. They usually come from the soft underside of an animal's belly and provide insulation to keep it warm. In addition, Down fibers are also famous for their light and fluffy quality, so they are considered as a premium material and have high applicability in fashion, a "miracle" use in which is the ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Down fibers are usually obtained from ducks or geese, but because geese are usually larger in weight than ducks, their feathers are also larger. Along with that is the quality and cost of Down from geese are also more expensive.

Down fibers come in many different colors, but we often see two main colors: white and silver gray. In the garment industry, white fibers are valued more because consumers prefer products with bright colors. Therefore, manufacturers will prioritize using white fibers to create products such as blankets, pillows and feather coats.

2. Processing

Raw Down fibers after being purchased will be washed and processed. First, the fur will be washed and dried in specialized equipment to clean, deodorize and disinfect. Down fibers that are cleaned and disinfected must be cleaned for at least 1 hour, then dried for 3 minutes at a temperature of 100 - 120 degrees Celsius. After that, people began to classify them based on their quality and size by specialized machines.

3. Advantages

In fact, this material has been applied and made many different fashion products and gadgets, most notably coats and pillows due to its outstanding properties.

Good temperature control: This is definitely the most outstanding feature that cannot be ignored, Down is the inner layer of feathers that helps protect the geese so heat control is essential. The ability to dissipate heat to cool in the summer and keep warm in the winter has long made this material a top choice for luxury fashion items.

Light-weight: Lightweight makes it comfortable to put on an outerwear and if you have a special love for high-end thermal coat that give a "light as air" feel then this is a choice for you. Unlike other types of jackets where the ability to keep warm is due to the thickness of the fabric and the weight of the shirt, products made from Down fibers are very light. Compared to wool or cotton materials, users will feel more comfortable when wearing a product made of Down fibers for a long time.

4. Conclusion

Yvette LIBBY's brief introduction to the Goose Down material that makes high-end products that bring a different feeling to the wearer this week hopes to bring you a new perspective of the fashion world.

See you in next posts…

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