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Sustainable Fashion/ Ecological Fashion: Our future starts from today!

Sustainable Fashion/ Ecological Fashion: Our future starts from today!

Sustainable fashion or eco fashion is no longer strange to many of us.

So in the end, what important role does this fashion line play that is praised and increasingly becoming such a trend?

Let's explore the world of fashion with Yvette LIBBY.


What is sustainable fashion?

It can be said that sustainable fashion is a fashion line that pays a lot of attention to the environment but does not have a single destination. This is a long journey where every brand and consumer wants to contribute to the "green" of the community, continuously learning and improving in order to reduce the harmful effects of the fashion industry on the environment.

Of course, each individual or brand has its own approach to eco-fashion based on its values, beliefs, human and financial resources, but has the same purpose mentioned above. Some popular actions to contribute to sustainable fashion include:


Materials are an integral part when it comes to eco-fashion, by using organic and clearly-sourced ingredients that have also made a significant contribution to the environment. There are certain basic standards such as clothing must be made from organic materials from natural fibers and can decompose over time. Besides, the fabric must be taken from a secure farming source, without spraying pesticides or toxic chemicals that adversely affect the environment and the wearer's health.

Prioritize the use of natural, non-toxic dyes; staining with pigment dyes, use water-based ink colors for printing, laser fabric printing. Furthermore, recyclable materials that can be reused are an optimal choice to reduce waste. You can find more information about some sustainable materials used in apparel at

Production process

The next action can be mentioned is the process of producing the finished product. Not only related to the environment, sustainable fashion is also closely linked to the human factor, which requires an ethical production process. This means that the workers are paid a decent salary, reasonable working time, work and enjoy the prescribed insurance regime as well as not oppressively exploiting or using underage labor.

In some countries, sustainable fashion is also associated with the use of domestic labor, not using cheap labor exploited in some other countries, instead creating job opportunities for domestic workers helping ensure a stable life for them.

Along with that is the maximum reduction of waste (the minimum number of samples possible, reuse or limitation of prints, effective management and inventory of goods) and the use of low-impact technology (using renewable energy, reducing electricity, dyeing or curing natural fabrics).

Distribution process

After creating the finished product, the distribution process is the next step that needs to be taken care of.

Packaging when transporting such as reusing cartons, minimizing plastic bags, cartons and wrapping paper will greatly reduce the harmful effects of waste to the environment.

In addition, it is also possible to optimize the number of times of transportation by transporting many goods at the same time instead of having to transport many small shipments many times, which has a positive impact on limiting emissions of vehicles. This is a matter of improving the warehousing and logistics aspects of brands.

Selling online and cut out the middle man, specifically contacting the buyer or user directly to reduce the energy used in transportation or materials. Cut out middlemen to ensure business transparency and committed communication to the customers.


Strange as it sounds, what does marketing have to do with this?

Yes, but the truth is there, let Yvette LIBBY give some examples !

Packaging marketing campaign is an example, can use environmentally friendly packaging, bags can be used many times so that customers can reuse them after receiving the goods for other purposes, or packaging made from recyclable, compostable materials… During the advertising process, limit or completely do not use paper to print flyers or catalogs. That's to cut down on the amount of mining paper.

Labels on products can use recycled paper or fabric to print labels, price lists and limit the quantity as much as possible. Apply a clothing exchange or recycling program for items that customers no longer use. It is not only a cost-effective solution for customers and brands, but also helps to strengthen trust and brand image in addition to protecting the environment.

Finished product

And of course indispensable, buying things is for consumption, finished products are an important step for customers and brands in living a greener and more responsible life to the world around.

Creating sustainable and high-quality products is essential. It must be a product that can be used for the longest time possible, without the need to constantly replace it, so that it can optimize the purpose of environmental protection.

For a fashion product to be used for a long time, next to the material must be the design, right? You wouldn't want to wear old-fashioned country clothes even though they're still good, right? After all, you love fashion because it makes you look fashionable. Then the next answer, it's the designer's turn. Using them in season, making them stylish, in a neutral and simplified style so that the product can be used in all seasons of the year, reducing consumption during the year, products that are said to be " trendy” no matter what time of year.


About Yvette LIBBY

Come to the corner to brag a little ! Yvette LIBBY is also proud to be a fashion brand that loves eco-fashion, let's show a little bit of the results here.

Yvette LIBBY uses organic ingredients like Supima cotton, linen, parachute, natural seashells and more and more other natural materials with clear provenance stated on our website and on the packaging. Yvette also assures that employees are not exploited at all, but work within office hours and receive decent treatment.

All of our finished products are also sewn by hand and use natural dyes along with the laser cutting technology mentioned above. Besides, Yvette LIBBY is also committed to not only stopping here, we will continue to improve and develop further as well as update and apply new trends and new technologies to help reduce harm to the environment to be worthy of a sustainable fashion brand.


Speaking of which, you probably already have a brief understanding of what sustainable/ecological fashion is like. So again, sustainable fashion is not a one-day journey to destination, but a long process of trying and improving.

Far but not hard to go, just together!

Let's go with Yvette LIBBY towards a green fashion style, you are the coolest when you are beautiful in both appearance and lifestyle.

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together…

Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris
Hotline: + 33 6 69 50 63 71
Boutique: 9 rue Commines, 75003, Paris, France
Website (find your language):
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