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Unisex - the rise of disruptive fashion beauty

Unisex - the rise of disruptive fashion beauty

Unisex fashion has become so familiar in our lives, but there was a time when this was considered a "superfluous", "unnecessary" style and was not accepted by the majority.
Let's learn about this genderless fashion style with Yvette LIBBY.
1. What it unisex style?
True to its name, Unisex is a fashion style that does not discriminate between genders. The same outfit, whether men or women wear it, exudes a distinct beauty. When women wear it, it will enhance their strength and personality, on the contrary, it will adorn the charm in men.
Unisex fashion is somewhat more independent than other trends on the market today, revealing a youthful, personality and liberal style in each wearer. This is what has made this style more and more popular. "Fashion is your own voice, no matter who you are, Unisex fashion still respects who you are and highlights your own beauty" is what this style wants to convey.
2. Where does the unisex trend come from?
Unisex fashion can be considered a small branch of the "harajuku" trend from Japan. However, over time, each country has its own changes. The development of Unisex style can be summarized as follows:
In 1960, there were many designers in the world started to create clothes for all genders and from there began to spread widely. In March 1960, Selfridges, one of London's most prestigious clothing stores, set aside three floors of facades on busy Oxford Street to display a line of unisex clothing. At the same time, all sales staff here wore Unisex outfits from famous designers at the time such as Haider Ackermann, Ann Demeulemeester and Gareth Pugh. However, at this time, Unisex style is still not really popular because many people still think that it is necessary to separate the two genders. Unisex can be seen as a war on gender, a revolution in thought lasting decades.
1968 was the year that world trends began to notice and appreciate fashion in the country of the flag - the United States Unisex trends also began to rekindle and become stronger. At the same time, on the fashion stages in Paris, famous designers such as Pierre Cardin, Andre Courrès and Paco Rabanne also launched genderless products to celebrate equality for both genders. After this event, many fashion stores in the US started selling Unisex fashion products. However, in 1969 several doors had to be closed due to lack of sales, which shows that public acceptance for this style was still limited. After more than a decade, unisex style has really become more popular. Not only for people with the third gender, but it is worn by both male and female. This style is more popular and is loved by many people including children.
After 1975, this trend faded in the public's taste.
Unisex fashion is back after more than a decade of lackluster and strong growth until today. This powerful comeback stems from an image on the cover of New York fashion magazine: The girl in the picture is wearing a strong shirt, while Kurt Cobain - a famous American male singer, wears a somewhat feminine home outfit. Soon after, this style spread through Asian countries, leading the trend is Korea. Nowaday we can see both men and women are very interested in skinny pants, sneakers, sweaters and hoodies. Currently, many well-known fashion companies such as Dior, Gucci, Chanel... all favor launching collections exclusively for the Unisex fashion line. This style has become more and more popular among all classes, all genders, especially for those who love the break and novelty.
3. Unisex fashion in modern life
Unisex fashion has crept in and become popular all around us today. It's not hard to find cool girls with leather jackets, ripped jeans or skinny jeans for men, besides, many other accessories such as backpacks, bags, eyeglasses, hats can also be easily found and meet the needs of fashion lovers. Popular unisex styles, such as wide-form coordination, both bring comfort and are suitable for everyone or tight clothes that enhance your charm whether you are male or female. In addition, dark and neutral colors such as black and gray are also a popular choice because of the appropriateness of aesthetic needs in all genders and also because of the minimalist beauty it brings.
4. Enjoy yourself
However, it must be said again, there is no one style that is perfect and fits everyone. Whoever you are, fashion can also speak for you, expressing yourself in your own way is never wrong. Wear the clothes that make you most confident and feel free to express your emotions.
Don't hesitate, maybe Unisex fashion was born for you?
Let's accompany Yvette LIBBY to explore more facets of the fashion world.
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Hotline: + 33 6 69 50 63 71
Boutique: 9 rue Commines, 75003, Paris, France
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