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SUPIMA COTTON - What makes the difference ?

SUPIMA COTTON - What makes the difference ?

We are all familiar with the clothes made from cotton that we still use every day. However, among cotton types, have you ever wondered which is really the best cotton that offers the best experience, premium fashion quality and comes with a high environmental value? The answer is Supima cotton.

You've probably heard of this super-premium cotton, even yes or no, Yvette LIBBY will give you an overview of Supima cotton right now in this article.

Supima cotton is made from the fibers of the Pima cotton plant originating in Peru, Australia and some parts of the United States.

Pima cotton has a special structure that makes the fabric soft, light and extremely durable, keeping its color for a long time. Moreover, the product is made of Cotton Supima material after washing, it will be softer and anti-shrink mechanism 5 times than other normal cotton.

Originally, Pima Cotton and Supima cotton were used to refer to the same material made from Pima cotton, but over time Supima cotton was used as the trademark used to promote American-grown, extra-long staple cotton. To be labeled Supima cotton, products must be sourced through a licensed supply chain.

Not only the superiority of materials, the special feature of Supima cotton also comes from the weaving technology itself. Supima Cotton is woven according to the Double face weave structure, one of the most advanced weaving technologies in Germany today.

The fabric after being woven will create two completely different fabrics: One side is cotton with all the advantages of cotton. And one inner side is poly that has the effect of creating breathability, dries quickly to create extremely fast moisture absorption, which can also prevent moisture entering from the outside. In addition, with GPS navigation being used on tractors to plant and harvest the cotton, to satellite technology and soil monitors, Supima farmers must ensure they are producing some of the world's finest cotton with minimal environmental impact as much as possible.

Summarizing the advantages of Supima Cotton, we can see why major brands in the world favor this premium material for their high-end product lines by providing customers with:

  1. Sustainable designs and will last for years.
  2. Comfort and convenience are optimized by its indulgently soft touch, natural resilience. 
  3. The eye-catching and vivid costumes come from the rich deep color feature Not to be left behind, Yvette LIBBY at the same time launched premium designs made of this super-premium Supima cotton to ensure that customers keep up with fashion trends and can experience a different feeling of Supima cotton.

Find more information about Supima Cotton from:

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Boutique: 9 rue Commines, 75003, Paris, France
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