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New Collection SS22/23
 “Falling in love is like the rain, it’s unpredictable, but there are always signs before it completely falls.”
Someone also said…
“Love is only beautiful when unfinished.”
Rain has long been associated with love stories, serving as an inspiration for poetry, music, art, and fashion. Perhaps because the rain has a beauty hidden in its regret, what is unfinished always brings people's desires to fruition.
Inspired by the novel The Great Gatsby, which was made into a film. Where the boy Gatsby's love story with the girl Daisy is still unfinished...Yvette LIBBY discovered the intersection of rain, tea parties, and the tragic love story of Gatsby and Daisy, and thus this collection was born.
Yvette LIBBY made this love story more interesting by conveying the familiarity of the romantic love story through various beautiful cinematic scenes. Once again, relive in the eyes of those who have fallen in love with this novel.
The new collection by Yvette LIBBY through the video, recalls the Indochine lifestyle. An inspirational period is replayed via the images of lotus pond, old French/ Saigonese villa, etc… on the background music from timeless voice – Ngoc Lan singer.
When you see the sky of great souvenirs and nostalgic feeling come along via songs’ lyrics:
From “Viens m’embrasser” (Come kiss me) with Dis-toi qu’entre nous deux ça ne va rien changer (Tell yourself that between the two of us, nothing will change) to “Toi J’amais:

 Tu n'es qu'un homme

Comme les autres


Tu as tous les défauts que j'aime

Et des qualités bien cachées

Tu es un homme, et moi je t'aime

Et ça ne peut pas s'expliquer

(You are just a man

Like the others


You have all the flaws that I love

And well-hidden qualities

You are a man, and I love you

And it can't be explained)

Those days are the era of luxury, materialism, but beautiful love has surpassed those barriers of the times. We believe in it and love has proven it.
"RHYTM OF THE RAIN," the latest collection launched by Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris, proudly presents:
1/ A couture raincoat: The raincoat is meticulously designed in the shape of a trench-coat to ensure comfort without sacrificing the aesthetics of outerwear.
2/ Waterproof: The coat is completely waterproof. Walk yourself confidently under the rain/ snow or keep your cool nearby water area.
3/ Trendy see-through: Made of two distinct layers that both maintain quality and provide the wearer with an elegant look: 
  • Outer: Transparent see-through TPU plastic
  • Lining: 100% Mesh in cotton
  • Zipper: Plastic
  • Snap: Stainless steel in laser print
4/ White, Black, Red colors options are enough for a fashion statement? And they’re absolutely suitable for any mix-matching, giving you confidence and convenience.
5/ Easy care: clean the coat with a soft tissue or with a steamer iron to maintain the transparent plastic layer lasting longer. See this guide How to take care of your Yvette LIBBY raincoat”. 
What else? – Relax and sing your song in the rain.
“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”
Dance with Yvette LIBBY in "RHYTM OF THE RAIN." 
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