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Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris featured on VOGUE British!

Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris featured on VOGUE British!

1/ New joy for new moments
People talk about American dream, but we, as a designer fashion brand, keep talking about “VOGUE Dream”.
Today, we are very honored to share with you - the ones who follow Yvette since Day 1, this exciting news.
Vogue became known for its distinctive photographs and high editorial quality. Among around 26 international editions of Vogue, we are so proud to be featured on Vogue British, from which The Big Four (Big 4) is the name given in fashion to the 4 most notable Vogue covers; American Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia.
So the journey for us is still on the go.
2/ "Vogue"- Yvette LIBBY's new friend:
Vogue is a well-known fashion and lifestyle publication. Condé Nast publishes it monthly in 18 different countries and regions. Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure as a weekly American publication sponsored by Kristoffer Wright.
The magazine's goal since its inception has been to reach New York's elite.
Condé Montrose Nast purchased Vogue in 1905 and gradually altered its course.
Vogue was published every two weeks at the time, and it gradually spread to other countries beginning in the 1910s. Vogue debuted in England in 1916, then spread to countries such as Spain, Italy, and France by 1920. Fashion enthusiasts in these countries reacted positively to the magazine.
3/ Our collaborative adventure:
We happened to e-meet on a sunny afternoon not far from here. Yvette LIBBY and Vogue decided to become friends after meeting for the first time but acting as if we'd known each other for a long time, promising to release unique works and designs in the future.
The result of this lovely friendship is a special publication featuring Yvette LIBBY's first appearance in Vogue, in the April 2022 issue, with a one-of-a-kind theme: "Genderfluid."
When it comes to gender in fashion, there is a plethora of new and interesting information to share, especially since genderless beauty is increasingly being promoted in the fashion village by famous designers and the most discerning fashionistas and fashion lovers.
As a result, Yvette LIBBY will not reveal this topic right now, but will do so in the April 2022 issue of Vogue, which we encourage you to read along with us.
To give you a little more information, the theme "Genderfluid" will be released with the special April issue celebrating Queen Elizabeth's birthday.
4/ Promises to be interesting content in the coming editions:
Because the story of fashion village and the art of dress is never finished, the following issues promise to be very appealing to fashionistas and those interested in the world of fashion.
Of course, Yvette LIBBY will not be missing from the Vogue family, with us anticipating the 5/2022 issue for the Retro theme and the June 2022 issue for the Eco-fashion theme.
5/ Yvette LIBBY's appearance in Vogue magazine:
If you have the April 2022 issue of Vogue magazine on hand, don't forget to open it and read Yvette LIBBY's story.
And, if you haven't already, let's look at some pictures together right now:
6/ Epilogue
Find Yvette LIBBY on VOGUE British magazine for April - May - June/2022 issues, both Print and Digital. And the journey is continually written, by all love and supports from yours - sophisticated and passionated fashion lovers.
You may find 3 different themes from 3 issues:
April issue - for Gender-fluid aesthetic by Yvette LIBBY
* Print copy: you could find one at our Paris boutique  
May issue - for Retro theme by Yvette LIBBY and June issue - for Eco-fashion theme by Yvette LIBBY
Beyond all, it’s Yvette LIBBY’s DNA.
To celebrate this exciting news, please use YvetteforVOGUE in check-out to have a special gift from shopping And you are more than welcome to grab us a VOGUE British copy any of April/May/June 2022 to receive a big souvenir from Yvette LIBBY, including our new collection SS22 “Rhythm of the Rain”.
To the bests and more.
YLN Paris team
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