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Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris & VOGUE British imprint for May issue: WHEN RETRO FASHION SHINES

Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris & VOGUE British imprint for May issue: WHEN RETRO FASHION SHINES

Following the success of the first collaboration of Yvette LIBBY and VOGUE British in April issue with the theme of genderfluid, we continue to write the own story this month with the theme "retro" taking center stage.
 1/ When it comes to retro fashion
This May, with the theme "Retro," we will travel back in time to admire the beauty of each design from previous decades. Retro fashions, like immortal music, have brought a timeless beauty, bridging the gap between a bygone era and modern life. That is also why, over time, these designs continue to capture the hearts of fashionistas.
 Retro seems to be an endless topic because each decade has different styles on the throne, and each design has its own distinct features. We, the fashion house Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris, determined from the start to pursue this nostalgic fashion line. And now we have the pleasure of discussing them right here in the May issue of VOGUE British.
 2/ VOGUE British 05/2022
VOGUE British publishes its May issue, which features supermodel Lila Moss on the cover. She is a cover model with extensive fashion industry experience. She appears to project an image that corresponds to what Yvette LIBBY wishes to convey through our designs.
 3/ Yvette LIBBY with bright spots on VOGUE British
It is our honor if you already have this VOGUE British edition in your hands and open it to come see us. And now we are delighted to share with you our special moments from this illustrious fashion magazine.
 4/ What can we expect the next time...?
This is not the end of the journey yet. Allow Yvette LIBBY to book you an appointment at VOGUE British June issue.
With the theme of Eco-fashion, this promises to be an interesting topic that is mentioned often in today's fashion world. Stay tunned!
Yvette LIBBY vogue british
 5/ Epilogue
We would like to thank everyone who has always supported Yvette LIBBY over the years and hope that our journey together will last forever.
Our passion and your love have shaped this journey.
The appearance on VOGUE British was a fantastic highlight of our trip; let us look forward to the next ones.
Yvette LIBBY can be found in the April - May - June 2022 issues of VOGUE British magazine, both print and digital.
* Print copy: you could find one at our Paris boutique  
 To the bests and more.
YLN Paris team
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