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Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris & VOGUE British 06/2022: Eco-fashion - when consciousness becomes fashionable

Yvette LIBBY N'guyen Paris & VOGUE British 06/2022: Eco-fashion - when consciousness becomes fashionable

In the April and May issues, Yvette LIBBY and VOGUE British made memorable imprints on the themes of genderfluidity and retro fashion, respectively. This month, Yvette LIBBY is delighted to present our third appearance at VOGUE British, with the theme "Eco-fashion."
eco fashion
If you are still unaware of the previous two issues, please take a few moments to learn more about Yvette LIBBY's message and DNA:
1/ Eco-fashion: enhancing the art of dressing
If fashion is a way to express personality, background, the concept of life and many other aspects of a person and is considered an art, then eco-fashion is now like a breaking point making that art more contemporary, more trendy, and more stylish.
So why "eco"? What is the reason why "eco-fashion" is mentioned so much?
Perhaps it is because fashion has evolved along with the textile industries in recent decades, allowing us to enjoy a wide range of styles with a wide range of outfits. Fast fashion arose from this, bringing with it the wonderful experience of owning a large number of clothes and constantly changing them.
However, the consequences of this industry are enormous, with obvious negative effects on the environment. That is also why eco-fashion is becoming a rising star. For true fashionistas, being stylish entails more than just dressing up; it also entails being responsible. Not only does the appearance and number of clothes owned matter, but so does the origin and story of the fashion house.
Vogue British
Everything from the materials used in the designs to the production, people, marketing, shipping, and more forms the foundation of an art that is not only beautiful but also sustainable. And while this will not happen overnight, it must serve as a guideline for any fashion house pursuing this fashion line.
Yvette LIBBY has always been conscious of "responsible" fashion from the start and has remained consistent despite the difficulties along the way. Today, we are delighted to have you by our side to share our joys and feelings as we appear in the June issue of VOGUE British with the topic: Eco-fashion.
2/ Yvette LIBBY and special moments on VOGUE British 06/2022
Give us a chance to enjoy this happiness together with you. Check out some pictures of Yvette LIBBY, if you are holding a copy of VOGUE British, don't forget to flip it and find us.
sustainable fashion
3/ Yvette LIBBY's time at VOGUE British and the upcoming stories
Let's take a look back at the journey with three memorable milestones that correspond to three themes: genderfluid, retro fashion, and eco-fashion.
ecological fashion
environmental fashion
And stay tuned for more stories written by us in the future. Because every design is more than just clothes to us; it's a story created by Yvette LIBBY and carried on by you…
4/ Epilogue
Once again, this is a small corner for us to confide in and express our gratitude to you, who have not only been with us at VOGUE British in the past memorable milestones, but also throughout our journey.
Thank you for your support for Yvette LIBBY all this time and we believe that, together, we will continue to witness many more amazing milestones in the future.
Yvette LIBBY can be found in the April - May - June 2022 issues of VOGUE British magazine, both print and digital.
* Print copy: you could find one at our Paris boutique  
To the bests and more.
YLN Paris team
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